About the project

TaskShare aims to help people manage and share simple task lists easily.

Honestly, my partner and I were in dire need of a better way to manage our lists. We were always remembering those one or two items we needed from this or that store. However, by the time we got there, either we had forgotten, or the list was with the other person.. it wasn't good.

We've been using TaskShare for about 8 months, and it is a part of our life/flow now. I hope others find it useful.

Getting Started


Create a new taskboard by using the ginormous button on the home page. New lists are added by the New Tasklist button on the top left to create your first list. Clicking on the list title (default is New List) brings up a small nav.

  • Add task(s) to list
  • Edit list name
  • Delete list

Share your list by sending them the pages address. Done.

One minute tutorial

Okay, first thing we need is a new Taskboard. Click on the Create TaskBoard Now button on the homepage. It should take you to your new Taskboard! How simple was that?

Looking good! Hm, but we need a place to put our todo list.. Click on the New Tasklist button on the top left to create your first list.

Okay, so that is something. But, let's not keep the name New List, Let's pretend we are going to share your weekly grocery list with your partner. Let's make it a little more clear. Click on the list title (New List) and a menu appears

Options! Okay, we want to rename this, so let's hit the pencil.

Type in 'Groceries' and hit enter or click on the Done button.

All right! We need to actually add some items to our grocery list, so click the list title (Groceries) again to bring up the menu. This time, hit the plus icon.

Just start adding items into the list, hitting enter or Add button. to add that item to your list.

When you've added all the items you want, click the Done Adding button to get rid of that input area.

Feel free to have as many lists as you want. Share your lists by giving someone the url of the page; it's that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, no login?? How is my list secure then?!
Pump the breaks. This is for non-secure lists. If someone guesses your uri, then they can see your taskboard. I've taken measures to minimize brute-forcing being successful, and if it becomes an issue I'll probably make the unique taskboard name longer.
I don't trust you with my list
Gosh, why so negative?? Okay then, well it's open-source. Go to our repo on github and set it up on your own server.



Copyright 2014 Tim Habersack

TaskShare is released under an MIT license. http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT